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Vader escapes custodial sentence

You couldn’t make thisup. “The judge was on the verge of sending the Dark Lord to prison for the maximum possible term but abruptly changed his mind when Vader lifted his hand and waved it from side to side, while … Continue reading

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Portraits of the Dead.

MetalFloss has

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The Stars Are Right….over there….

The Internet STELLAR DATABASE is a lot of fun. Look at the entry for Barnard’s Star especially the submits at the bottom where you can search for stars within a certain radius. How I wish this had been about when … Continue reading

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A Box brimming with Scary Things

Joshua Hoffine’s online portfolio is truly creepy. Take one part Little Fears, one part

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Images from the past…

Autochrome images from around the world from the start of the 20th Century. My favourite? No, it doesn’t look anything like that any more. How good would it be if some of the art we have planned for WotW appeared … Continue reading

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What if… daVinci…

This image is brilliant. Check out the BBC video. “A Swiss amateur parachutist made a successful drop using a replica of a parachute designed over 500 years ago, by Leonardo da Vinci.”

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Creed/Testament/Rapture – queries and comments

It’s always nice to get some kudos from people you respect and Balbinus on has come through again with Creed/Testament/Rapture – queries and comments. He has a few comments, mostly clarifications and does make me realise that the character … Continue reading

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What’s He Building In There?

Title taken from the Tom Waits track. This blossomed into a scenario where the PCs were sent to investigate a murder. A newcomer to a quiet US suburb was found beaten to death in his home. The house is trashed. … Continue reading

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Starship Concept Art

Picked up this link to amazing starship concept art over on theRPGSite forums.

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Good read

Odd quote. “Now as a Person of Size and a Person of Color…”” Me too. I’m a slightly (Ha!) overweight white guy. The NaamenBlog is a good read especially for interpreting the motives of oppression. It uses a lot of … Continue reading

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Priest Chaser

…that the citizens of Perugia compelled the surrender of the citadel of Gerard du Puy, the cardinal-nephew of Pope Gregory XI, during the War of the Eight Saints with a trebuchet nicknamed the cacciaprete (“priest chaser”)? I think that the … Continue reading

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Return of the Great Old Ones.

Found this gem when I added Pooka’s blog to my blogroll. “In 1901, New Year’s Eve, the Stars Were Right. The Great Old Ones Returned, bringing with them all manner of being from their starry prisons. Fortunately for humanity, while … Continue reading

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Feeling Planetary Love

OMG, I’m feeling the love for Planetary all over again. I’m itching to run a Planetary-like game using Wild Talents. Soooo much….

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Real Creepy Places

Real Creepy Places is a link for myself. Any self-respecting GM should be able to pastiche one of these into a game.

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It’s my birthday soon….so….

Brooklun Superhero Supply Company Sadly just a graphic. Always wanted to find a thrifty place to get new Anti-Grav Boots. But there is a STORE Here’s the Times article talking about Microtrends. The idea that you can ultra-specialise in something … Continue reading

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All I want for Xmas…

Via Rob:

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What is more likely? That an all-powerful mysterious God created the Universe and then decided not to give any proof of His existence, or that He simply does not exist at all? – Carl Sagan

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Life on Mars, by Disney

Six short movies (Youtube links) Mars & Beyond 1 of 6 – Man & the Sky and more: Mars & Beyond 2 of 6 – Mars in Pop Culture Mars & Beyond 3 of 6 – History of Life on … Continue reading

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time travel stories

If you like, or are interested in time travel fiction, this is just great. More stories on the site but I thought that one was brilliantly done.

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Creative Laryngitis?

PeeJ posted this link to Jim Lavery’s weblog Neato.

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