The Stars Are Right….over there….

The Internet STELLAR DATABASE is a lot of fun.

Look at the entry for Barnard’s Star especially the submits at the bottom where you can search for stars within a certain radius. How I wish this had been about when I was working on 2300AD scenarios (My favourite being ‘Bayern’ which exceeded the 7.8 light year limit on inter-stellar travel)

Looking at the entry for Sol we find:

“The “8” in the Detected Planets entry is not an error. Pluto is not a “planet,” but a huge, close-orbiting, low-eccentricity Kuiper Belt object. With a big moon. Of course, some die-hards out there still insist that it really is a planet, more for sentimental reasons than anything else. They’re welcome to live in their little fantasy world. Neener neener.”

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