Dark Water Studios’ Dogfighter: Spring 2010

I don’t normally go for PC games but I’m enthused by Dogfighter by Dark Water Studios, a Derry-based outfit who plan to release their game in Spring 2010.

I’d love an iPhone/iPad version of it.

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7 Responses to Dark Water Studios’ Dogfighter: Spring 2010

  1. seamie the king says:

    looks slick-as, need to get this now

  2. thorgan says:

    free beta was alot of fun and bought it on launchday. great game lots of fun slick controls cool pickups loadsa guns plenty of action.

    Steam store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/42500/

    works with my 360 controller, but the FPS wasd+mouse is waaaay better. regular updates and patches been comign thru and devs chat alot on IRC. support forusm are up to date (helped wiht physx issue) and more levels coming.

    recommend it for arcade flight combat.

    1/3 unreal + 1/3 mario cart + 1/3 crimson skies = DFighter.

    NOT A FLIGHT SIM – wwwwwwwwwway more fun!

  3. Ashlie P says:

    i’m likn it an the reviews above are right yea. no female pilots or planes is kinda lame tho ;(

    pigtails and punkd pink plez….

  4. liu tsun says:

    got dogfighter for the pc from steam just after beta and it’s the best flying fun Ive had in ages! Multiplayer is absolutely ace!


  5. EriCkxD says:


    a perfect game always updated. very worthwhile to buy this game, is a masterpiece from indie-house Dark WAter studios. very fun, with different planes and balanced quite well.


  6. justin time says:

    latest patch news is the best yet!!!

    saitek x52 pro support is in!


    go dark water go!!

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