The One Ring, session 01 – A Once-Forgotten Treasure

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks generating characters over Discord. We have one player in Seattle, two in Ireland, one in England, one in Cornwall and myself in Northern Ireland.

First session last night.

“A Once-Forgotten Treasure”

The Company:

Caranion, Dunadan sorcerer. Being tutored in magic by Gandalf himself.

Anwen, Dunadan Ranger, lately of Fornost

Falmariel of the Grey Havens

Farin, Dwarf Artificer from the Blue Mountains

Lemon Took, Hobbit Steward

The opening scene is Rivendell, where Caranion, Anwen and Falmariel have met for the first time.

Collected into one of the many overlooks upon the beautiful waterfalls in the Homely House, Gandalf takes their attention. He has heard rumours of a magical ring in the West of Eriador. Fearful that the rumours of one of the Dwarf Rings not actually being destroyed by Dragons, he sends three of his best wards (the players) along with the dwarf artificer Farin (another player), an expert in treasures, on a fools errand across the west of the lands to find something as small as a ring. That said, if this is indeed one of the Dwarven Rings, even such a small thing could have a huge effect on the future of Middle Earth in the wrong hands.

The Company met Lemon (the last of our Company) at Bree, in the Inn of the Prancing Pony, and signed her on as the steward of the party, ensuring that are well and had easy passage through the Shire.

They proceeded at first light to Michel Delving where they discovered a crime committed by a sinister looking Dwarf called Himbul Sternhammer. The thain of Michel Delving, Barnaby Cleese was so impressed by Farin and Lemon’s musical ensemble that he quite forgot the rudeness of the other dwarf. The welcome at Michel Delving was memorable enough – but the stain of the ill-mannered dwarf who stole food and drink before skulking off into the night was remembered.

As they left Michel Delving, Anwen of Fornost took off after the purported tracks of the Dwarf and returned to the Company camp by nightfall. As she filled her belly with roast chicken and taters, lovingly prepared by Lemon, she related how the dwarf was not covering his tracks nor was he taking care of the wilderness. A very curious Dwarf. His tracks led North, as the hobbits described, but after a couple of hours they veered West, perhaps his quarry is the same?

Early next morning, refreshed and buoyed up by good food and good company, they made good time and reached the White Towers by sundown. These towers, now derelict, once housed one of the great seeing stones. Comforted by the thoughts of being on the border of the old kingdom of Arnor and the Elven Kingdom of Lindon, they make camp again in the shelter afforded by the towers….

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