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Subversion for Writers.

TUAW has a link about Subversion for Writers. Subversion is a popular open source version control system. “It allows you to work collaboratively with folks on the same files (in most cases code) without fear of overwriting the work of … Continue reading

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Collaboration, writing and vision

This weekend I was busy with family duties but still managed to do a bit of work on WoTW:Earth. Most notably taking the draft ideas Aidan sent through and turning them into mechanics and flavour. Collaboration is hard. I’m very … Continue reading

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What’s He Building In There?

Title taken from the Tom Waits track. This blossomed into a scenario where the PCs were sent to investigate a murder. A newcomer to a quiet US suburb was found beaten to death in his home. The house is trashed. … Continue reading

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Starship Concept Art

Picked up this link to amazing starship concept art over on theRPGSite forums.

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I spent a couple of hours in the attic of my parent’s house excavating some old books. I have a notion to sell some of them considering that I’ve not looked at them in a decade but as I continued … Continue reading

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Quality of Play theory

Levi Kornelson came up with this theory and posted it on TheRPGSite:  The text inspires “solo play”. Personal play creates group play. Group play feeds back into personal play and pushes more group play. The punch-line is: The quality of … Continue reading

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WotW: Earth – Art

Last night I commissioned two art pieces from Storn Cook for the upcoming War of the Worlds book. I really like Storn’s art (massive thread on here) and he was very nice when I enquired about the commission and … Continue reading

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One for the millennialists…

Mike Cane 2008 reports that NASA got it wrong and an asteroid that they reported to have a 1 in 45000 chance of hitting Earth actually has a 1 in 450 chance of hitting Earth. It took a 13 year … Continue reading

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Good read

Odd quote. “Now as a Person of Size and a Person of Color…”” Me too. I’m a slightly (Ha!) overweight white guy. The NaamenBlog is a good read especially for interpreting the motives of oppression. It uses a lot of … Continue reading

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23rd Letter: Projects Campaigns

A Project-based campaign is as flexible as the players want. The G.M. may choose themes as he or she wants. PCs working for a Project are relieved of many of the worries of Network members or other independent espers. Usually … Continue reading

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Mario Kart for the Wii

Last weekend we picked up Mario Kart for the Wii for a fiver after trading in two games that we neither liked nor played (Wabbit Wampage? Cars?) and I must say it was the best fun I’ve had since I … Continue reading

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Sexuality (part 1)

A recent thread on TheRPGSite talks about sexuality and sexual and/or gender bias. Art Cheesecake art in fantasy is a real issue. I thought it was mostly gone but there’s heaps of the damn stuff out there. You know – … Continue reading

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The 23rd Letter

Balbinus on responds to someone asking for sourcebooks about running a campaign about the whole concept of PSI powers: “IMO the best is a game called 23rd Letter, it’s basically Firestarter (the Stephen King book/movie) the rpg. Probably OOP … Continue reading

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Priest Chaser

…that the citizens of Perugia compelled the surrender of the citadel of Gerard du Puy, the cardinal-nephew of Pope Gregory XI, during the War of the Eight Saints with a trebuchet nicknamed the cacciaprete (“priest chaser”)? I think that the … Continue reading

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What’s that in the background?

Today I had lunch with Mike and Jim in Kainan Cafe. We then went round to Forbidden Planet where I refrained from buying a lot of stuff. This is self-control, I tellya.

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Return of the Great Old Ones.

Found this gem when I added Pooka’s blog to my blogroll. “In 1901, New Year’s Eve, the Stars Were Right. The Great Old Ones Returned, bringing with them all manner of being from their starry prisons. Fortunately for humanity, while … Continue reading

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Raising the bar

I’m arrogant to believe that I can write and, to be honest, most of the time the feedback has been pretty good. I like writing, it’d be nice to do it for a living (and not the stressful but boring … Continue reading

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Shit one.

A real shame.

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Spiralling Down

I don’t blame anyone really. Sometimes I get angry or depressed and curse my friends, my family, the company, the system, the church and anyone else I can name. But it’s a short madness and like all things, it will … Continue reading

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There is a hole in my memory

I don’t remember a game I allegedly ran over a decade ago. Nothing at all memorable. I think it was a superhero game/ That worries me.

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