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What if… daVinci…

This image is brilliant. Check out the BBC video. “A Swiss amateur parachutist made a successful drop using a replica of a parachute designed over 500 years ago, by Leonardo da Vinci.”

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225 days

SI 1995/3297, also known as “The Duration of Copyright and Rights in Performances Regulations 1995”, this UK law came into effect on January 1st 1996. At its most basic, it extended the copyright for any written work from 50 years … Continue reading

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Solo: The Hero’s Journey (Part 1)

[09:15:14] So, have you thought about where you want to set Solo? [09:16:11] Nope. ? A lot of that is up to you. Want to be a yank? [09:18:07] It makes things easier to visualise in some regards, because we’re … Continue reading

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I’ve only run Solo-play (one player, one GM) once. It was 23 years ago, I hadn’t been gaming long and this was my first attempt at GMing. I’d bought the Games Workshop boxed edition of Middle Earth Role Play (MERP) … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of the Superhero

“There are men, wrote Aristotle, so godlike, so exceptional, that they naturally, by right of their extraordinary gifts, transcend all moral judgment or constitutional control: ‘There is no law which embraces men of that caliber: they are themselves law.’”– Superhero, … Continue reading

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