Solo: The Hero’s Journey (Part 2)

mj: I do wonder how superheroes pay their way
aidan: Ever see ‘Dead Like Me’ ?
mj: one or two eps
aidan:They addressed that a bit.
mj: didn’t they all have to have full time jobs?
aidan: Pretty much 🙂
mj: See, that would suck…
aidan: shrug
aidan: But it’s realistic
aidan: In my character’s case, his wife probably earns a substantially larger wage.
mj: We know our Solo works at Borders. But wife is ‘generic lecturer’
aidan: Yes.
aidan: Let me pick a subject.
mj: I reckon we should attach the R-map as a graffle on the page as well. Thought is that when we add new material we can update. I’m going to want to add in stuff is all.
aidan: Yes.
aidan: Economics.
aidan: She’s not tenured.
aidan: His daughter is in Kindergarten.
mj: What ages are you?
aidan: He’s 35, she’s 34, daughter is 5.
mj: what else do we need to cover? Siblings?? Living family? Best friend?
aidan: Yep. He has an older sister. Parents are both still alive.
aidan: Friends: he has a good relationship with the other staff at the store, but not much beyond normal colleagueship. His best friend moved to Los Angeles after college, to practice law. They were both law students. My character didn’t want to be a lawyer after going through law school. He got involved in the 1994 congressional elections toward the end of college. Which was how he met his wife.

Next, we give them all names…

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