From superheroes to Knights errant.

Last night we decided to give The WatchTower a rest as we’ve lost Yellowfist for a couple of months due to his impending martial marital duties.

Thus ensued a discussion about what to play instead. A long discussion.

We eventually settled on Pendragon. Paul is playing a Roman Christian from Dorset. Rob is playing a Saxon from Silchester. And I’m playing a Cymric Christian from Lindsey.

My character, Uwain, a stocky Northerner is overshadowed by his bearlike Saxon friend and his Roman friend in terms of family glory (he starts with 15 whereas the others start with hundreds). He’s also the only player to start without a proper warhorse. He is, however, the better swordsman, lancer and horseman of the three and has gained some reknown for his valor.

At the start of next session, we journey to a tournament…somewhere…for something…

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  1. paulk says:

    “At the start of next session, we journey to a tournament…somewhere…for something…”

    Where I, Ulrus of pure Roman lineage will not be risking my warhorse (Dolphin) in any event where Uwain might win it.

    I may risk Ughugh’s (who can pronounces Saxon names, they’re so guttural) horse or even his head for the sake of my Lord and Bishop, but thats a different story.

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