Pan’s Labyrinth

Watched it last night round with Aidan, Abi and some ice cream. It’s a good movie – personally I don’t think it’s the same sort of emotional tour-de-force as perhaps Fight Club or American History X or even Watership Down but it’s a good movie nonetheless. They manage skillfully remove a lot of the anticipation and wonder from the movie with what can only be described as fumbling with foreshadowing.

On other news – I left my three books of occult philosophy (trois libres de occulta philosophia) with Aidan to read and perhaps start to distill into something resembling a game that wouldn’t need me in the room if you wanted to run it.

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3 Responses to Pan’s Labyrinth

  1. aidan says:

    What Matt hasn’t realised yet is that I’m holding his books hostage till we get some other work done.

  2. paulk says:

    Matt has so many books, will he notice?

  3. Carl says:

    Please don’t hold the books hostage! I’d like to see Qabal released before the next decade, thank you!

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