Episode Seven: 28th October 2000

“This is Kitty Thoreau for LCI News Dakota in a prefab cabin built by the newly inaugurated WatchTower New York. What are they doing in Dakota? Good question and something we’ll answer after the break.”

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“We’re back with more news on the WatchTower. We’re not in Dakota which is one reason – we’re suspended a mile above the Atlantic coast while WatchTower New York takes steps to clean the terrible environmental disaster caused by an unidentified superpowered terrorist. To pull this herculean effot together, they’ve pulled in technical staff from Torus Research, a leading edge technology corporation and using technology licensed from the UK-based Prodigy Corporation.

The amazing thing is that this building was created from the air by Balance, the leader of WatchTower New York. We’re currently being held aloft by Yellow Fist, the superhumanly strong scrapper who provides WatchTower with much-needed muscle. I’ve been talking with Indigo, the wearer of the Torus Research prototype “Rescue Suit” designed to help locate and rescue people in danger and two senior technicians from Torus; Mikey and Pete. I’m told we also owe some thanks to SkyCrane who is acting as a forward observer ten miles up.”

[She pauses and walks around the prefab, pointing at the individuals and the equipment]

“This device, dubbed the VacScoop, is removing all of the pollutants collected on our nations beaches and removing them, dumping them into deep space. The process of cleaning all the world’s oceans of 90% of pollutants is apparently going to take less than 12 hours. The question this journalist has is: Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

[she pauses and the sound goes out]

“I’ve just been told we’re going to teleport to the Indian Ocean, on the other side of the planet, to continue this work. I can really see this being a viable alternative to aircraft flights with instantaneous travel, no risk of deep-vein thrombosis. Yes, it can send you to the Bahamas but you have to purchase your ticket 30 days in advance.”

[she grins an award winning smile]

“Just joking folks, this advanced tech is still in testing which does make me a little nervous but it seems to be working fine.

Just so we’re clear: we’re saving the world here….on live TV….”

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2 Responses to Episode Seven: 28th October 2000

  1. paulk says:

    …and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth…

    Today I reached an impasse. What am I?

    Am I the hero, the leader, the person able to change the world?

    Am I the employee, the follower, in servitude but protected?

    Am I the priest, the moral barometer of my flock?

    Today a new menace threatened not just New York, but instead the entire world. Mandates I thought existed were breached, first by Watchtower, and then by ourselves to prevent further destruction. International boundaries were ignored by Jack to the sole purpose of capturing Ocean (some sort of water controller). I questioned it at the time, but I went and did as told. I was an employee

    In watchtower we questioned Ocean. We found out his beliefs and his reasons for endangering millions with waste on beaches. I can’t say I agreed with his methods, but I can understand his motives. I think Yellowfist found a kindred spirit in him.

    Discussions turned to Oceans punishment. It seemed he was going to be shipped off to Fortress, but there was nothing being done about the damage and then the team had an idea. It sounds simple really, take the technology of Indigos suit, magnify the effect and create a hole into space to teleport the pollution towards the sun.

    We did it. We didn’t solve world hunger or the continuing pollution problems, but this one thing we fixed. We tried with best intentions to save the world. I was a hero

    This evening, we faced Watchtower as heroes. That which we were employed to be. Instead we were reminded that we are employees. Politics and legislation seem more important than the potential damage and risk to the world. I understand people died because of our efforts. I will pray for their souls. I cannot save every life, I can only save as many as I can. If I fail God in this then I must face that on my judgement day, but I have to believe I did what was best.

    Tonight I am a priest. I gauge the moral barometer of my flock. I find Watchtower wanting.

    I’m at an impasse. What do I do?

    — From the journals of Fr. Julian Devon

  2. aidan says:

    From: Jason Shin
    To: mom_n_pop_shin@hotmail.com

    Hey folks,

    I don’t know if you happened to catch the news in the last 24 hours, but it’s been a hell of a day for me.

    When I was seconded to the WatchTower in NYC on the Indigo project, I thought it would be a great chance to test all the work I’d been doing for the past couple of years, and be a bit closer to you guys. I didn’t really go in for the whole “costumed hero” thing that seems to go along with being in the WatchTower. Policing exotics seemed like something other exotics should be doing, not me.

    The first week or so was much as I expected – I spent most of my time ensuring the suit I designed worked correctly (I know Mom finds it hard to believe, but yes I can disappear and reappear instantly somewhere else miles away). I tried to avoid getting involved in any combat, which is pretty scary when the guys swinging punches can lift a tank with their bare hands.

    And then along came Ocean – at least that’s what he called himself. He had control over all the oceans, and he moved every speck of pollutant, garbage and man-made filth onto the coasts of the world, making a statement about how dumping in the ocean was bad for the ecosystems there.

    Of course, this left us with millions of tons of crap on the beaches. I was able to help the team here get to Ocean and capture him, and we convinced him to help us get rid of all the pollutants into space, using the technology I used in my suit.

    It was only when we started working on that goal that I started to understand why exotics choose to work for WatchTower, and choose that life in the public eye. I’d never felt such a buzz or so alive as when we built the scoop to take all that garbage and help clean up the planet.

    I’m still on a high from it, even though I know I may lose my job and potentially go to prison – I’m hoping it won’t come to that of course. Have you seen the Hudson?! So clean you can see the riverbed. The TV just keeps showing people standing looking at the water because they’ve never seen it like that before.

    On a sadder note, I do feel terrible for the people who died as we did this – Ocean used his powers and some 200 people got caught in the wash. If I get the opportunity, I’d like to express my sympathies to their families – I know I’d be devastated if any of our family had been killed.

    Overall, if I get the opportunity, I want to keep at this – helping people on such a scale is something I never thought was achievable. Could we use this sort of technology for solving the world’s pollution problems? I don’t know, but I do know I want to keep helping.

    I love you both, and miss you.


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