New Release: CONTRACTORS for Twilight 2000

It’s been a while and a lot of research but also a lot of fun.

CONTRACTORS for Twilight 2000

CONTRACTORS is a supplement for Twilight 2000 4th Edition detailing the operations of private military contractors in the years leading up to the Twilight War. It provides a slightly different backdrop to the game but could be an excellent introduction to the Twilight War for intrepid players who want a little more story before the war.

Build your ex-Special Forces team and then construct your Private Military Company. Choose from more than a dozen mission briefs and get your Merc team out into the world.

New Equipment. New Specialisations. New Rules. Just add Soldiers of Fortune.

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The 23rd Letter, 3rd “Fury” Edition

Yeah, I wasn’t planning on having to talk about it so soon. Blog post isn’t even written.


it’s set nearly thirty years later. The Psychic War as was died with the final end of the Cold War. Corporations figured out it’s easier to manipulate people with social media than fragile psychics. Many of the government projects have collapsed. Only three major factions remain.

Talents are streamlined – more ‘cooperation’ between psychic powers is encouraged, lots more wild talents included (psychic vampirism? Ok) and a bigger metaplot regarding a psychic menace known as the Fury that particularly affects telepaths.

Telepaths get mind linking powers, Regents get sleeper suggestion, TKs get offensive strikes and shields, precogs get BITD-inspired Preparations, Healers can harm.

System is a little less severe though getting shot still ruins your day. Toned down the rules on Fatigue. But Stress now affects everyone.

………and I’m in the art-commissioning phase.

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23rd Letter, 2nd Edition PDF

After a lengthy delay, I released the PDF of the second edition of The 23rd Letter.

Anyone who has the print edition gets it free (so, if you have it, get in touch).?

There’s a third edition (different time period, different metaplot) coming so don’t rush out and get it unless you want some amazing stuff. ?You’ll see it and all of my books at

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New Release: Kick Murder

Well, tonight we hit publish on our new #TTRPG: Kick Murder

“Your Emotions Make You Human, Even The Unpleasant Ones Have A Purpose”

In Kick Murder, the players are catapulted into a world of danger and uncertainty. Their humdrum jobs, their dangerous jobs, the sorts of jobs that no-one would want to do – no human anyway. And the moment they discover that they’re not so different from their human masters is their first Moment – the first opportunity they have to escape the Containment of their life.

Kick Murder is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by great movies – Blade Runner, Equilibrium, Never Let Me Go, THX1138, GATTACA, Logans Run, Cloud Atlas, It’s an interpretation of this seminal science fiction in RPG form.

We examine the hubris of humanity, the moral implications of genetic engineering and of making moral shortcuts. Repros represent an underclass of humanity, discriminated against from birth for what they are and what they represent. Their creators, like mythological counterparts, left the Promethean fire of “emotion” available to them and for that they strive, juxtaposed with a cold and un-empathetic Natural upper-class of human.

We do not dwell on the Naturals outside of their position as oppressors. We wish our Repros to defy social conformity and revolt against a social order which conspires against them even before they are born. The Repros therefore represent innocents (though they may be far from innocent) attempting to return to Eden (Earth) where they can live out what remains of their lives in peace.

Kick Murder is a 32 page core book with three additonal PDFs of Adventures (Furukontakudo, The Prodigals and Ad Terminum)

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The Lost & Found Ghosts – a Doctor Who story

As some of you may know, I write.

And I’ve written a few screenplays in my time. This is a Doctor Who screenplay short I wrote for one of my classmates in theatre school.

It’s a time paradox about a lost item. Just for a bit of fun.

The Lost And Found Ghosts (PDF)

All likenesses are belonging to respective copyright and trademark holders. No challenge is being made. But wouldn’t it be cool to write for Doctor Who, eh? (My style would be a bit darker than people are used to.)

Anyway. It would make a light hearted aside or intro to the Doctor Who RPG.

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