Mutants and Masterminds: I just don’t get it…

I’ve been called a curmudgeon before….no, really…

What is the deal with Mutants and Materminds. It reads like a completely average d20 system. It’s not special in any way and yet we find rabid M&Mers on and elsewhere flaming anyone who might doubt that M&M can handle this, that or t’other.

It’s just like the pricks of yesteryear who used to rant on and on about how D&D could do any system, about how it was the best, yadda yadda. What is it about “that kind” of gamer that needs ot latch onto one of these systems and spend a lot of time defending it against unbelievers?

Hey, if you like it, then fine. But don’t spend an hour debating on a forum about how it CAN adequately emulate *some genre* and how my opinion is therefore somehow wrong. It’s my opinion, you atom-brain! I’m entitled to it. You’re entitled to yours too and I don’t give a flying monkeys balls that you managed to run M&M with this genre and it was great. I’m obviously not as good a GM *sorry* DM as you and I need/want a system that’s just a little more tailored.

If it was fantastic, I’d be all over it but I place it firmly in the same category as Champions. just because it has the rules to emulate the genre and you know all the rules, it doesn’t make it a good choice for the genre.

Yes, I did have a migraine earlier today and that’s why I’m grumpy. That, and having to wade through the inevitable crap about how M&M is teh l33t and everything else is teh suXor. Wankers.

PS. For “more tailored” substitute “actually really good”

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