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I get a lot of SPAM. Never mind the amount that gets grabbed by my ISPs filters (which are raised one level of strength every year or so), I commonly have 300 or so that make it past the ISP and into the Junk Mail filter of Mail. There’s 50 or so that make it past the filter too.

This is one that made it through. It’s advertising something….I don’t know what, but the filler text below it (designed to defeat filters) read as follows:

Suddenly I was daunted! After the first turn, the group will have found shelter from the zombies – and one of you will be dead.
Please, give me some feedback! Single zombies will go down with one or two shots, but there are rules for entire hordes as well. You are the captain of a squadron of Regs, Regulators that regularly patrol the city to keep order, eliminate Dreg criminals, and destroy Zombie invaders.
Any amount is appreciated. Even worse, the city is infested with the living dead, the Zombies, who have somehow found a second life due to the radiation of the nuclear-devastated wastelands which surround Anakron. Thanks to everyone for all their help making our site what it is today.
Among many, a young Squire came to the King’s aid. One of you, perhaps more then one of you, is a psychic with devastating and terrifying powers. In the meantime I hope that you enjoy Phantasy Star: Ragol’s Curse.
A timer such as a stopwatch or hourglass is also needed to play.
well only if you don’t die. Your characters are normal people, caught up in an abnormal struggle for survival.
Wires and pipes crisscross the sky, the only evidence of a futuristic setting, they hold up the city like the strings of a marionette.
The game’s set wherever you’re playing the game – and whatever you can see around you right now is allowed to be described as being in the game. After crashing to Earth, the UFO is transported away by sneaky FBI agents. You can design your own guns, cars are free form, and a number of optional rules are provided.
A timer such as a stopwatch or hourglass is also needed to play. The Master of Orion rpg includes material from all three Master of Orion games.
So, they asked me to run a game for them. This should prove useful to RPG designers by allowing them to split their mechanics up into bits.
The game supports GM-centered play and heavy Force usage, but without the black curtain.
I purposed the Adapt A Computer Game Into A Tabletop RPG challenge as an attempt to bridge this divide.
In Grey World, you will find both.
Quarters and pennies may be used as tokens in the RPG, or a pen and paper can be used to keep track of the various game components.
Combinations of directions and buttons appear on the screen in time to the music.
The Chosen, undead servants of a dark god, have walked the Earth for nearly a hundred years. United they can retake the Cabal that serves that god by force and regain their former position of power as the Cabal’s supreme leaders. It uses a dice pool system of resolution, a wound chart tracking how quickly you can run, and lets you push yourself to the limit – at the risk of turning on the other survivors.
Just select the ingredients you like and discard the ones you don’t. If anyone buys the infant bodysuit, please take a picture of your kid wearing it and post it to the forums. Its my hope to do this professionally sometime in the near future, so its your chance to help an aspiring author.
Things are always easier to do if you can split them up. There is no setting per say, but there are a few suggestions in the added work.
Exactly who is this criminal the guardsmen keep mistaking you for? but it might consume a lot of your time to play!
Never in here will specific RPGs be discussed at length; this is a column about RPG mechanics as a whole.
Roll the dice, make a choice.

I’ve read some of it before. Some of it is from here and a quick Google will turn up the rest.

Taken as a whole, as a genre mashup, it seems like this random spammer might have hit on something…

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