So I had to go ask some women….

The Bitter Guy calls this a really retarded response.

Fair enough. It probably is retarded to point at something that’s fucking stupid and say that’s fucking stupid especially when the stupid thing is something that is “pro feminisim”. Yes. Terrifyingly stupid. I do have to wonder however as I’ve brought this up with just about every woman I know (and yes, that extends beyond my mum, my sisters and my 4 year old daughter) and all of them agree that the criticism of the original material, that being the representation of genre clichés, is entirely appropriate. Some great responses were:

“I read late-gaming, and nearly vomited. Sorry, but the thought that there are people making games that allow females to enjoy their drama-mama, nico-teen angst makes me want to hurl. What? Do I get points for “Snappy Comeback”? For “Catch His Eye”? For “Best Entrance”?

Do I get experience for bedding the hot guy at the party or for getting through the night without sloshing wine on my new dress? ”

“I’ll admit, I’d have a hard time playing an authentic game where women were subjugated. However, I’d either find a way to play in that time period and do whatever I was going to do “underneath that”, or I’d play a guy.

Of course, I’m also the type of person that thinks that pandering to someone’s social inadequacy because one “must equalize in retrospect” is… er… insecure. We’ve forgotten how to bank on our intelligence in the wake of learning how to bank on our sexuality. I think modern women don’t want to have to admit that the “equality” they have grown up with is a trend. I think it denotes a high degree of insecurity, too, that they need to have everything “just so” in order to rp.”

“I think people bend the rules a lot when it comes to creative history in order not to offend women’s “delicate sensibilities”. We’re not really free, you know? As long as we get all riled up about not being equal and whining about it. By patronising them through changing in-genre clichés, you’re saying “You women can’t rp in a world that isn’t perfect for you, so let me soften everything up, dumb it all down, and then you can play with me.”


“Yes, I’m so attached to my insecurities, that I need to you to homogenize and sterilize everything.”

We’re getting into some of what I feel is wrong with feminine culture these days.
Being restored our sexual prowess has swung over into being restored our right to be slutty.
Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that slutty all the time makes it lose its appeal.
If I can’t make a guy want to fuck me with all my clothes on and nothing of interest really showing, then I’m fucking lame.

I think maybe you might need to just employ methods of getting women to divest themselves of their inbred “everyone has to make me feel equal” problem, and just write your damn game.

No, I agree with your post. I don’t need to be pandered to in order to rp. “

Okay….that’s a long one….but there’s more, in another detailed breakdown of my post…

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