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badwrongfun: Playing “the wrong way”, but having fun anyway. You might be playing the wrong way by going against the expectations of the game (“You can’t run a hack-and-slash game using Vampire; you’re missing the entire point!”) or the expectations of gamers who have decided they are more evolved beings (“It’s not possible to properly role-play in Dungeons & Dragons.”). Primarily used humorously to show that the speaker doesn’t care that it’s “wrong” since it’s fun, or that the speaker feels a slight bit of guilt for enjoying something they feel they shouldn’t.

[Please tell me that everyone knows the D&D sucks rant is satire…trollbait…linkfodder that Aidan wrote for a laugh – I know it seems serious but JESUS it’s just a game. And it’s a game that we’ve enjoyed playing over the years. We’re fucking with you!]

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  1. aidan says:

    I consider it my magnum opus of trollbait. Every time someone posts another comment I buy myself something nice 🙂

  2. aidan says:

    google for “D&D sucks” 😀

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