This is the best they could do?

How embarrassing.

About 20 years too late, the Orange Order has invented a superhero in order to make them appear hip, up-to-date and less stuffy.

I’d have thought a bit of effort to take the high road and make the 12th July an “open to all” event would be a great start. As a Catholic who attended the celebrations on 12th July 2007 in Holywood, I must say the sectarian displays were not comforting. The booze-addled skinheads wearing nylon uniforms in red, white and blue really set the scene. Add to that the drizzle waiting for about 90 minutes for the march to organise themselves to come up and down the main street. It really helped the spirits.

And so, the birth of the Orange Order Superhero.

As we know from Unbreakable, a superhero is defined by his enemies. So who will this as-yet-unnamed superbeing fight?

Shamrock and the Balaclava-men?


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