When Life Interferes (or, “Damn It, I Meant To Blog Today”)

So, I’ve been a bad, bad girl about my blogging lately. I’ve not been flogged yet — not that that would motivate me one way or t’other — but damn if I don’t have a bunch of stuff to post about. However, that’s just adult life, isn’t it?

It was so much easier when I was sans l’enfant, and free to ring someone up on any given night and say “Hey, feel like killing shit?”. Can’t really do that anymore. God forbid, I actually have to SCHEDULE my entertainment time. That’s about as bad as pencilling in a date for sex. But we won’t talk about that.

I suppose I miss the days when things were a little less hectic. At the same time, roleplaying in my adult years seems more… necessary to me than it did when I was young. Back then, gaming was frivolity, something just cool to do, another bit to throw out there about my personality that (in all honesty) was great for attracting smart and geeky and imaginative guys. Now, though, gaming is serious fun, total down-time from all the responsibilities that come with the whole adult-with-kid-and-job-and-mortgage shebang. I think I enjoy it more, maybe just in a different way.

A local rping group just tagged me to come along with them. Old AD&D. Gotta see if I have time. I was thinking about running a “Winter Blues” parlor game campaign for the cold months with some friends. That’s the other thing about being an adult… damn if you don’t have to choose what’s worth your time and what you just can’t manage.

I’ll be back on the posting horse this evening.  Reverse cowgirl and all.  I promise.

About Melody

And now for your daily allowance of force-fed narcissism. *christ, I hate writing bios* I'm Melody. This is my bio. Congratulations on having nothing better to do. Ever read those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid? Well, you can either: (a) Get a life now. (b) Continue with this narcissistic gluttony. Ok, apparently you're going to hell for a deadly sin. Thanks for the company. Our first stop... the rest of this goddamn bio. I'm American (oh, like you're perfect?). Female, last I looked (tits? check! ass? check! 'sall good!). Pretty easy on the eyes in that dark gypsy kind of way (Matt, no place to upload photos! what kind of joint you running here?). As far as what I'm good at, well... I sing, compose music, dance, play a variety of instruments, act, write, draw. Couple my innate ability to be good at damn near anything with a great imagination, quick wit, clever conversation, keen mind, great eyes, and... things I'll leave to your imagination, let's just say it damn well sucks that "courtesan" isn't on the list of career paths any longer. I'd have it made. I've been roleplaying since my teens. Not as much lately unfortunately. I love being a player, but have more often than not ended up in the GM's seat. I'm great with plot, development, thinking on my feet and finding ways to make your life very uncomfortable but radically enlightening. I'm crap with game mechanics and figuring out how to render "Holy shit, he just tore your head off!" into "And what did that dice roll just mean, exactly?" Fair warning. I'm rather pleased to be blogging here, and hope you find what I say entertaining or, at the least, irritating as hell. If you don't like it, you can blame Matt. It's his gig. After all... I'm perfect. Narcissistic enough for you? Thought so. My work... is done. *christ, I hate writing bios*
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