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And now for your daily allowance of force-fed narcissism. *christ, I hate writing bios* I'm Melody. This is my bio. Congratulations on having nothing better to do. Ever read those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid? Well, you can either: (a) Get a life now. (b) Continue with this narcissistic gluttony. Ok, apparently you're going to hell for a deadly sin. Thanks for the company. Our first stop... the rest of this goddamn bio. I'm American (oh, like you're perfect?). Female, last I looked (tits? check! ass? check! 'sall good!). Pretty easy on the eyes in that dark gypsy kind of way (Matt, no place to upload photos! what kind of joint you running here?). As far as what I'm good at, well... I sing, compose music, dance, play a variety of instruments, act, write, draw. Couple my innate ability to be good at damn near anything with a great imagination, quick wit, clever conversation, keen mind, great eyes, and... things I'll leave to your imagination, let's just say it damn well sucks that "courtesan" isn't on the list of career paths any longer. I'd have it made. I've been roleplaying since my teens. Not as much lately unfortunately. I love being a player, but have more often than not ended up in the GM's seat. I'm great with plot, development, thinking on my feet and finding ways to make your life very uncomfortable but radically enlightening. I'm crap with game mechanics and figuring out how to render "Holy shit, he just tore your head off!" into "And what did that dice roll just mean, exactly?" Fair warning. I'm rather pleased to be blogging here, and hope you find what I say entertaining or, at the least, irritating as hell. If you don't like it, you can blame Matt. It's his gig. After all... I'm perfect. Narcissistic enough for you? Thought so. My work... is done. *christ, I hate writing bios*

Villains, Aren’t We All: Evil and the Gaming World, Part 4

It’s funny how things in your life can dovetail so nicely when you’re working on a project. I just finished rewatching Episode III of the Star Wars saga, and it really hit the nail on the head regarding perspective having … Continue reading

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When Life Interferes (or, “Damn It, I Meant To Blog Today”)

So, I’ve been a bad, bad girl about my blogging lately. I’ve not been flogged yet — not that that would motivate me one way or t’other — but damn if I don’t have a bunch of stuff to post … Continue reading

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Villains, Aren’t We All: Evil and the Gaming World, Part 3

It’s one thing to go head-to-head with an Evil being. And still another to play an Evil character. But what happens when you’re minding your own damn business and someone else in your troupe decides they don’t want to be … Continue reading

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Villains, Aren’t We All: Evil and the Gaming World, Part 2

Now that we’ve had a bit of introductory discussion about Evil, let’s move into the most intimate placement of Evil in a game: within the Character. An interesting comment was made regarding whether or not an Evil character knows that … Continue reading

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Villains, Aren’t We All: Evil and the Gaming World, Part 1

Comments really are the sweet spot on a blog, aren’t they?  I get such great ideas from someone bouncing off a post I’ve written and before you know it, you have a chain reaction of kinetic ideas.  The hardest thing … Continue reading

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Roleplaying As Education

I have a list that is rapidly growing of things to post here, but for some reason this is on my mind just now, so… When I was growing up, roleplaying was that weird thing you did afterschool that no … Continue reading

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Out-Of-Character… For Me, I Mean.

The most difficult character I ever had to play was one drawn from a stack of manila folders in a gameroom in Astoria, Oregon. It was a one-nighter session — not my usual brand of poison, but I was a … Continue reading

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First Impressions

Congratulations — you’ve managed to rustle up a handful of players, maybe even titillated them with a hint of what’s in store for them. You’ve slogged through the char-gen process and, like horses held too long at the ready, the … Continue reading

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