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A few days ago, a d20 supplement author had a little kvetch about getting bad ratings on RPGnow. One of his reviews was very constructive, the second was written by someone new to Earth Languages. He was a little down and claims it almost made him quit writing.

As you can see by the thread, some of us volunteered to help Colin realise his setting idea (which wasn’t more than a page of background and 10 d20 D&D classes) into something that could be called a supplement. We’ve started working constructively on the product, tentatively titled Permafrost 2.

I don’t do d20-based stuff as a rule but I’m happy to be writing some fluff for it. You can see my current contributions on the thread (or leap to them directly here, here, here and here.

I’m enjoying writing prose for the sake of it. I’m still doing stuff for the other books on my menu (though I do need to do a bit more on Viride and WotW: Earth) and for stuff on the wiki. I finally found a game that I wanted to invent on my Faust book (a velum-coloured notebook with a cover that looks like an old edition of Goethe’s Faust). Reception has been pretty good so I’m going to continue to write while it’s still fun 🙂

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