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Over the last few hours I’ve been watching episodes of ‘The Sandbaggers’ – a Cold War spy thriller TV series which aired in the late 70s and early 80s. Twenty episodes were made and though it was not popular at the time, it is one of the few TV shows I’ve seen with truly intelligent dialog. I bought the series on DVD from Amazon and I’m working my way through the second season right now.

It doesn’t paint a glamorous picture of espionage in any way.

Back in the olden days I GM’d TOP SECRET/S.I. and I have copies of DELTA FORCE and the James Bond RPG. Of course, more often when I run an espionage game I use The 23rd Letter for lots of reasons.

This makes me want to write two games. One a Cold War thriller and the second a post WW2 supernatural/low power superhero game…

More than this – I’d give my right nut for a co-worker.

(Just noticed this thread on RPG.net)

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