I get it. Be more concise. Fine.

“Six(1) words(2) can(3) tell(4) a(5) story(6) (while five is too small). Constraints (write without the letter “e”; use only one-syllable words; make every sentence exactly N words ) can force me (and you!) out of windbaggery and make certain things possible.”

– ABriefMessage

It was only recently that I covered Only Six Words To Say Everything, Six Word Stories Redux, One Sentence Settings and One sentence True Stories

It’s probably fair to say that I get it.

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4 Responses to I get it. Be more concise. Fine.

  1. PaulK says:

    “It’s probably fair to say that I get it.”

    Actually I’m not sure. By my count that’s 9 words. Maybe even 10, I’m not sure how you count abbreviations….


    I think I understand it now.


  2. matt says:


    I left out the vowels there

  3. PaulK says:

    “Damn, six days wasted” said God…

    Did I read that one elsewhere?

  4. matt says:

    Tall but not pretty, poor bastard

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