Status: Refugee – alternative theory?

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  1. Eamon says:

    Ah, Japan gets totaled first – is someone trying to tell me something?

    I also note that the seismic effects on the rest of the world seem to be missing.

    Wasn’t this part of a ‘Doomsday Program’ that went out last year?

    Regarding Refugee – that would be good, though if your ‘rescuing power’ is powerful enough to move worlds then you’d have to have the disaster being detected too late for that option (or have ’em reliant on teleport-esque devices).

    Another nice doomsday, which gives plenty of reaction time is to have another star collide with our own. Virtually a supernova (for us). I’ve a old Scientific American article on it “When Stars Collide”.

    We, and the rescuers would probably have at least a few years warning of the event – if not hundreds of years.

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