Culture….and reimagining Trek

On one of the forums was the question about building Star Trek from scratch. Of course there’s always Frontier. but I#d really like to run a Culture game

? What rules system?
I’ll likely hack together something on YZE because that’s a comfortable place for me. And I’m halfway through that.

? What sort of characters?
Humans, aliens, drones/Minds

? What sort of mission?
I’d definitely steer it to CONTACT/Special Circumstances type missions. Something where the people get to act doing people things and the Drones get to act (being effectively a combat monster). Boots on the ground are important when dealing with organics. Uplifting cultures. Plans within plans limited by Compartmentalisation. Creating prophecy (based on …effectively psychohistory) that would make a Bene Gesserit blush in order to shunt civilisations in a certain direction. (Shades of the Status Crew from Captain Britain)

? What sort of ship?
A module providing life support and equipment for the PCs which is beholden to a much-larger ship which may not have stopped in orbit. This meams limited local support but when the shit hits the fan they have a GCU or something ready to Displace them at speed.

? What sort of known universe?
A vast supra-galactic universe, procedurally- and player-driven.

? What strange new worlds?
My gut is Places and People of interest.

? What sort of Galaxy Fleet?
Immense vessels hanging out in hyperspace, exiting where and when they need to. Possibly with a little too much ‘lets see how close to the margin we can make this’

? What sort of technology?
Hyperlight speeds, ignoring relativity for the most part as it’s not as important as people think. Weapons of Mass Destruction that fit in a pocket. Displacer tech that organics don’t really truth (for no other reason than they suspect they’re being 3D printed rather than transported)

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