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I started a thread about Viride in the RPG NET forums and I hope to continue to discuss the game in that neutral forum in the future. There have been a couple of contributors to the thread including some very thought provoking stuff from KRNVR which I think is probably evidence that he/she has the power to read my mind.

My vision for this is that it should be an “open source” type project. It’s a bit crap calling a book “open source” because it’s a term filled with Web 1.0 hype. I would like to encourage others to write here and we should form an editorial team to see if contributions can be hammered into exactly the right “theme”. I see this content then being reformatted into an actual web site with art and everything as well as a PDF which would be either sold or given free, depending on the editorial team, with any profits decided on by, again, the editorial team.

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  1. KRNVR says:

    Go ahead and paste the prose from if you want, I couldn’t (quickly) figure out how to actually post, rather than just comment on one of your posts.

    I made some errors in my translation of the poem, here is a more correct transliteration:

    The old ones talk
    The sun once set
    When the world turned dark
    When the wind brought wet

    Once was sand that held
    Once was trees that grew
    Now like beetles shelled
    Now do not grow new

    Just an old ones dream
    Just an old ones song
    And wet turns to steam
    And the dark is gone

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