Consors: blessed with caring

The darkness echoes with the delivery of another young life. This is my favorote time. We are not supposed to have an opinion but I can see who is special. I am able to see into their eyes from a few hours old and tell their future – this one will be a great healer, this one a leader, a third an engineer. There have not been any outstanding siblings for a while. Things seem to be stable. Not like a few years back. I wonder what happened to some of the bright souls who passed through my care. The Citadel is so big I sometimes never see them again.

The nursery is full enough, the young are strong and always beautiful. Not much parental interest as is usual which is not abnormal – as Consors we are the new parents. We start as nanny and surrogate mother, through their maturity, ending up as the closest thing to grandparents many have. It is true that more children of Consors end up as Consors than any other castes – it is the way of things.

We take pride in our role. We are the lucky ones. We get to see the new faces of the future and sculpt how our civilization grows. Tending the flock is the best role you can get. We are blessed with caring.

My name is Dauna as I was born on the cusp of the season when the suns are brightest. I am Consors.

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