Holy Crap it’s October

Earlier this year I lost a heap of stuff. About two years worth of unpublished writing and all my original files for my books. Absolutely gutting. Essentially, my backup was destroyed and my “personal life” contributed to the oversight so I didn’t find out until much too late.


Still. I’ve been piecing it all back together from old floppies, old zip disks, emailed copies I’ve sent to people (I have email records in some cases going back to 1996) and other bits and pieces.

I’m not going to dwell too much on it however. I want to get the first system-draft of either Viride or WoTW:Earth out before I do any other work.

I’ve also tried to get another gaming group going. I’m playing in this guys game in Belfast but we’ve had a hiatus for a couple of months and I’m busting for a game.

I’d love to play a superhero game. I’d GM. A game people would talk about the way people talk about my Ars Magica came from the early 90s, or my SLA games from the late 90s or my various superhero games. I love reminiscing with players from these old games. Even now I get a little chuckle when Eamon says ‘Imposing Beard!’ or when Conor reminds me that he was the best archer in Christendom despite having only one hand. Remembering that I made a grown man scream playing SLA in Dublin at Gaelcon. Remembering when the Watchtower players discovered time travel and then discovered paradox and what happens when you change your past…

Good memories of sitting with friends and laughing until my sides hurt.

That’s why I roleplay.

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2 Responses to Holy Crap it’s October

  1. Eamon says:

    Ars Magica…Calistratus – *Shivers*

    Such a great campaign.

    Oh, and before I sign off:

    “Piercing Gaze!”

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