My Superhero Game.

I’m not happy with the current crop of superhero games.

My favourite is Advanced Marvel Superheroes from TSR which is nearly 20 years old. It’s certainly the most flexible and from the most basic amounts of text, oyu can extrapolate so much.

I’ve tried most of the games out there and I’m really not happy with them.

There are a few things I want to get across in the game I want to write:

  • A character sheet it takes a minute to write.
  • A simple mechanic for fatigue or energy loss.
  • The ability to look at two characters and know how tough they are.
  • Some sort of way of scaling the numbers so they’re less meaningless.
  • It has to have the flexibility of Marvel for sure.

I’ll add more thoughts as I think of them. Hmmmm. Chewy….

[Edit: Aidan adds more thoughts]

  • It has to allow super-heroism without losing touch with reality.
  • Making Magneto should be as straightforward as making Cyclops.
  • Combat should kill the stupid or unwary, or at least put The Fear into them.
  • Any one action should only require one dice roll.

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