Would I GM for money?

There’s a bloke on StoryGames who’s advertising his new business: Will GM for money.

The price is $50.00 per month of weekly play, as of the 23rd of Febuary, the price is $10.00 per week payable in advance, which including includes snacks and drinks: a five session pass comes with a spiffy membership card with your characters mug on it in full color. We meet weekly on Friday, 4:00 to 6:00, at at Eudemonia on 2154 University (and Shattuck) in Berkeley, California

Are good GMs really that rare?

I’d not pay a red cent for this kind of crap. I don’t know about you but I expect a basic level of language for a GM and frankly, a GM who’s an egotistical prick is a major turn-off (And yes, I mean other people who are egotistical pricks. I’m fabulous!) This bloke…well…his command of his first language is not where it needs to be for a PAY-FOR game.

The odd thing is that during character generation on Monday night we had a brief discussion of exactly this subject. We did moot the idea that my players could bribe me. A quid ($2) for a random re-roll and two ($4) for a favourable result. And two again to cock up someone else’s roll. And there would be a bidding system that would go up in increments.

That beats the shit out of card based and stone/paper/scissors rubbish we’ve all been inventing over the last few years.

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