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Writing up a relationship diagram to make it easier to remember everyone. I’ve been a gamer for 34 years and this is the first time I felt a game deserved one.

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The second session for Tales From The Loop was delivered last night….

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Reflecting on the previous session, I realised I was using an older version of the rules and therefore I deleted that eBook and grabbed the final version which I had stored in my iCloud. this meant success would be much more in the grasp of the players but was far from guaranteed. Mike (Olov) was unwell but we were joined by Barry so we also had a little bit of work on how to introduce a new character to the Kids.

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Ran my first session of TftL tonight.

It was a mini intro scenario to populate the kids lives. Cheap Tramadol Mastercard There were two kids in this starter adventure – they were 13 year old twins. One chose Weirdo, (Kennet) the other Jock (Olaf). Kennet’s special item is his Walkman, Olafs is his BMX.

We learned their mum (Camille) is considered hot, their sister (Astrid) is a pain, her boyfriend is ok. There’s a dumb guy in their class Rurik who they can’t rely on to make excuses for them, there’s a 3-kid rival gang. We learned their Dad left their mum and moved away with his girlfriend. They haven’t seen him in two years.
I discovered I want a lot more detail on the towns. Even just maps. We based them in Stenhamra just because we couldn’t reconcile how to get them to school any other way.

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PLOT BELOW (spoilers)

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For the last few months, on top of travelling and attending a bazillion courses, I’ve been writing.

I’ve written five short scripts in the world of THE 23RD LETTER. I’ve written two more in the world of STATUS: REFUGEE. I’ve written one horror script. And I’m looking at writing some scripts based on FRONTIER and QABAL very soon. And there’s one very special property that I would love to pitch to the BBC…

Two of my scripts are going into production in 2017 and I’ll be doing a “mobile phone” shoot of one of my scripts probably over the upcoming holidays.

So, all change.

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