Today I moved about 150 kgs of my gaming collection to my house from my parents house. Keen-eyed geeks will be able to easily identify some of the game books here and some of you will even be upset at my organisation of the collection which, at the moment, is very coarse and will be improved as more of the collection is moved here. There’s easily another 150 kgs over there.

My bookshelf

You should be able to spot Traveller, Godlike, Star Trek, Blue Planet, Rolemaster, Middle Earth Roleplaying, Doctor Who, James Bond, Ars Magica, Call of Cthulhu maybe more.

I posted this pic on my Tech blog but when I think about it, it’s just as appropriate here.


In terms of special effects, I’d love to know how they do the superhero style special effects like in in Hancock

and more recently, an EMINEM video (forward to about 3 minutes):

and Push

I’ve not been posting much because I’ve not been gaming much. I need to do something about that for the latter half of 2010.