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6 Responses to Buy The Books

  1. Hey Matt,

    I recently found my copy of the 23rd Letter and was planning a post on my blog about it. I see that it is still available and want to mention it on my post for anyone interested but wonder what the rough cost it would be to have it shipped to the United States.


  2. The book is £9.99 and worldwide postage and packing is a further £2.50.
    In real (US) money, that’s about $18.90 all in.

  3. Gerry Saracco says:

    Any update on when the pdf of 23rd Letter will be available for sale?

  4. Hi Gerry,
    Total back seat while I work on the day job. None of my original files are readable so it’s a lot of writing involved!

  5. Gerry Saracco says:


    That’s too bad. I was hoping to get a pdf backup, so I could print stuff out for players if I ever get to run something

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