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The 23rd Letter

The 23rd Letter is the definitive psychic conspiracy RPG. Includes a huge amount of information on psychic powers. Character sheet PDFs and the entire text of “The Project Sourcebook” supplement now available free.


The definitive post-Rising Zombi RPG on the market. Inspired by the very best of zombi literature and movies, Zombi applies a humorous tone without leaving the doom scenario of a world where humanity is dying out and getting back up again.


A self contained game set in a world filled with beautiful cyborgs, cute robots, superfast cyberbikes, powered exoskeletons, giant mechanoids, speed lines, comical pets, strange aliens, maniacal villains and demons with amazing groinal powers. The perfect bound A5 book is introduced by a four page comic drawn by the artist is P.J.Holden, known for professional comics work (DNA Swamp, Caliber Comics, 200AD, Judge Dredd Megazine, Fearless).

ISBN: 1-901042-02-2

All Future Fulfillment will be through WeeGamers.

6 thoughts on “Buy The Books”

  1. Hey Matt,

    I recently found my copy of the 23rd Letter and was planning a post on my blog about it. I see that it is still available and want to mention it on my post for anyone interested but wonder what the rough cost it would be to have it shipped to the United States.


  2. Matt,

    That’s too bad. I was hoping to get a pdf backup, so I could print stuff out for players if I ever get to run something

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