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I’ve spent the last week working on the PDF version of zombi. I’ve been updating bits and pieces as well, adding in references for “Fast Zombies” and other things which have been popular in the years since the book was … Continue reading

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Zombi – out of stock at Key20!

I’m somewhat incredulous that Zombi is now out of stock at Key20 and will be preparing another shipment in the next week or so. I’m also going to work on providing a PDF version so people can download it from … Continue reading

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COPS – Japan Stylee

Eamon, a technologist in the area of Cybernetics I know[1], posted this: “If you peruse Japanese foreign-resident forums you’ll read a depressing amount of stories about foreigners being told to sign kanji-laden papers ‘so you can go’, only to find … Continue reading

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23rd Letter: Projects Campaigns

A Project-based campaign is as flexible as the players want. The G.M. may choose themes as he or she wants. PCs working for a Project are relieved of many of the worries of Network members or other independent espers. Usually … Continue reading

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The 23rd Letter

Balbinus on responds to someone asking for sourcebooks about running a campaign about the whole concept of PSI powers: “IMO the best is a game called 23rd Letter, it’s basically Firestarter (the Stephen King book/movie) the rpg. Probably OOP … Continue reading

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New Downloads

Some people were looking for them so I’ve put some downloads on the books page: Wildtalents fanzine 1 60K PDF Wildtalents 3 fanzine 1.5MB PDF Wildtalents 5 fanzine 373K PDF 23rd letter character sheet 22K PDF zombi character sheet 86K … Continue reading

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Crucible Design’s Games on Sale at Key20.

After what seems an age, the first roleplaying games I wrote are on sale again at Key20 SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO The 23rd Letter ( Review ) Zombi: The Earth Won’t Hold The Dead ( Review by Jeff Rients ) I’ve … Continue reading

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Diddlysquat is dead

Mark notes that Diddlysquat is dead. I didn’t know much about it, to be honest but reading the testimony of specky I’m reminded of lots of the silliness that went on within Crucible Design. In the end, projects like this … Continue reading

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Riffing off The 23rd Letter.

Ghost Whistler on came up with a23rd Planet idea. He was riffing off the name of the game but it made me think tonight about: The 23rd Century Fast forward events in The 23rd Letter by two hundred years … Continue reading

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r-Maps (and being ahead of the curve)

There’s a lot of talk of relationship maps. I’ve been playing with the idea of an r-map for gaming for use as a player aid for a while. It really started to surface when playing superhero games in order to … Continue reading

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