The Books again

Orders for the books have been trickling through which means that people are getting them into their hands. The Paypal links are working well and the post office is just round the corner from my work so I pop out and do the postage at lunch time and everyone is happy. We’re down to about 15 copies of Zombi already and I’m working hard on prepping a PDF for sale as well as getting a second printing done – the news about Key20 really threw a spanner in the works there.

It feels good to be getting the stuff out there however – not quite as good as getting someone else to handle the US distribution but good enough nonetheless.

I’m still wondering what to do about Key20 and the non-payment of money from books sold. I have a feeling that’s going to stick in my craw for a while yet.

The Books

A few days ago I received some chilling and frankly angering news.

We’d been distributed through Key20 for the last 18 months (and previous to that as well) and we’d sent them the vast majority of our stock. As of last week, they couldn’t pay so they’re sending back the remaining books and the only money we’re getting is likely going to be paying for shipping back to us.

This is angering me because they received nearly all of our copies of Zombi, for which we’re getting diddlysquat – and that leaves us up the creek without the proverbial paddle.

To this end, we’re just going to offer fulfillment directly through Paypal and work on getting the PDFs done. It’d hard to find the time to do all of this especially when you consider that we’re out a lot of money.

We’ve got a few books of each variety and we’ll be receiving the shipping of the remainders coming soon and aiming for a second printing as soon as we can afford it.