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Warhammer 40K Tournament (Yellowcon 2010) Sunday, August 29, 2010 from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (GMT) Stormont Hotel 587 Upper Newtownards Road BT4 3LP Belfast United Kingdom REGISTER HERE 1750 point tournament. Prizes for winner & runner-up. Access the rules … Buying Tramadol From Petmeds

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This year, Q-CON celebrates it’s 15th year. It was sixteen years ago that I finished the ‘market research’ of conventions in Ireland (via Gaelcon and Warpcon – and getting illicit copies of their after-con reports from by Bothan spies). This … Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight

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NearbyGamers hosts listings of gamers. Would you lot just sign up already?

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The official video for Q-CON XIV was posted today: It’s good to see it running as I did all the research for the first Q-CON by visiting cons around the country when I was President of ‘Slayers the year before. … Tramadol Orders

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Mark notes that Diddlysquat is dead. I didn’t know much about it, to be honest but reading the testimony of specky I’m reminded of lots of the silliness that went on within Crucible Design. In the end, projects like this … Tramadol 200Mg Online

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