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Superheroes can be dicks

Forget Iron Man. PJ pointed me at the new Hancock trailer. It’s true, Hancock has gone from being a “Wild Wild West” kind of camp nonsense movie to a movie I’d really like to see and a game I’d like … Continue reading

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What’s that in the background?

Today I had lunch with Mike and Jim in Kainan Cafe. We then went round to Forbidden Planet where I refrained from buying a lot of stuff. This is self-control, I tellya.

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“I don’t have any choice, somebody has to save the world”

I’ve been reading a lot of old comics this week. Warren Ellis Planetary The Eclipse Miracleman stories. I’m trying to track down my Authority trade paperbacks as well. There’s been a recent thread on about creating a setting where … Continue reading

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OREs Magica

I spent some time at work today thinking about things that could be done with the ORE system. I admit that I’ve not yet had the chance to really test it in anger Part of this is to kick a … Continue reading

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Feeling Planetary Love

OMG, I’m feeling the love for Planetary all over again. I’m itching to run a Planetary-like game using Wild Talents. Soooo much….

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Converting some WatchTower characters to Wild Talents.

Codename: Warhead AKA David Bruce Brandon Appearance: Warhead is an 8 ft tall humanoid suit of armour. Brandon is a slighty overweight man with unkempt brown hair and bushy eyebrows. Background: Dr David Brandon is a robotics engineer. He discovered … Continue reading

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Wild Talents / ORE

I’ve finally finished reading the system bits of Wild Talents and I do wish I’d read it earlier as it is a pretty solid action system with a lot of crunch and grit. It’s honestly the first time since reading … Continue reading

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I recently registered on Project NEMESIS, a web site dedicated to ORE (One Roll Engine) and BRP. BRP (Chaosium’s Basic RolePlaying). Seeing as my gaming group plays nothing but BRP so far (Delta Green, Gaslight, RuneQuest) and we’re potentially starting … Continue reading

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More on Godlike

I’ve finished reading the book itself and found it quite enjoyable. I do have some issues with the quick proliferation of Talents and would be seeking to limit them myself. I don’t mind them being very powerful (though there seem … Continue reading

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During our last game we had some breaks and it was mooted that I might be up for GMing Godlike. (The other option was Cthulhutech but considering that we’ve been playing nothing but Delta Green and Gaslight for the last … Continue reading

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