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And the reason I’m a crazy-magnet may be entirely due to me being interested in shit like this. Maybe I’m a normal magnet? I’m the crazy one….

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I have come to the conclusion that I am a crazy-magnet.

There must be another way.

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Legendary Vapourware thread…

Not really sure whether I’m pleased or depressed…. But Qabal and The Project Sourcebook didn’t make the grade for this list on RPGnet of Legendary Vapourware even though it’s 9 pages long!. Of course, they’re too wrapped up in wondering … Continue reading

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I, for one, welcome our human-faced fish overlords…

A Fathead (genus Psychrolutes) trawled during the NORFANZ expedition at a depth between 1013 m and 1340 m, on the Norfolk Ridge, north-west of New Zealand, June 2003 (AMS I.42771-001). Photo: K. Parkinson © Australian Museum. The scientists and crew … Continue reading

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Villains, Aren’t We All: Evil and the Gaming World, Part 3

It’s one thing to go head-to-head with an Evil being. And still another to play an Evil character. But what happens when you’re minding your own damn business and someone else in your troupe decides they don’t want to be … Continue reading

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