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Pickup Games

We’re not talking about games which are designed to get the GM a date with the hot new girl in the gaming club (as mabmorrigan will likely relate happily later) but rather games which can be started quickly, how to … Continue reading

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Roleplaying As Education

I have a list that is rapidly growing of things to post here, but for some reason this is on my mind just now, so… When I was growing up, roleplaying was that weird thing you did afterschool that no … Continue reading

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Out-Of-Character… For Me, I Mean.

The most difficult character I ever had to play was one drawn from a stack of manila folders in a gameroom in Astoria, Oregon. It was a one-nighter session — not my usual brand of poison, but I was a … Continue reading

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First Impressions

Congratulations — you’ve managed to rustle up a handful of players, maybe even titillated them with a hint of what’s in store for them. You’ve slogged through the char-gen process and, like horses held too long at the ready, the … Continue reading

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This isn’t about Roleplaying, Sci-Fi or Gaming in general. I’m angry. This is regard to a complaint raised against the North and West Belfast Health and Social Services Trust regarding the treatment of one of their patients, a young adult … Continue reading

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TTN: Zombi

Tonight at TableTopNorth, I decided to eschew my plans of running 2300AD because, simply, the setup is massive and I don’t know my players very well. They seemed to want an action game so I dug out a copy of … Continue reading

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Origins of The 23rd Letter

Syndicate… As mentioned earlier, it started out as a psionics ruleset for a sci-fi corporate espionage game called Syndicate which was masterminded by John. Syndicate was never published and indeed never went beyond a couple of dozen pages of brainstorming … Continue reading

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Roleplayers beware…

LONDON (Reuters) – Police on Thursday charged a woman on terrorism-related offences for possession of a computer hard drive loaded with operating manuals for guns, poisons, mines and munitions. To be honest, these criteria would qualify half of the roleplayers … Continue reading

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Crucible Design….looking back

When we started out, we thought of several names for the company. One was Aes Dana Publications and another was Apocryphal Games. We played with FarTooReal, considered LeannanSidhe and with a group vote, settled on Crucible Design. We had a … Continue reading

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DG: 9th November

With a start, Kruse sat up and rubbed his eyes. The close confines of the safe house were weighing on his mind. He glanced over at Jimmy and instinctively reached for his pistol. He was too far gone, too unstable … Continue reading

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Viride: The Shoals

The Shoals are small, rocky outcrops that lie far from the Citadels and other large rocks in the deserts of Viride. Among these smaller rocks and shallow sands are small settlements. Populated by people from the Citadel as well as … Continue reading

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LateGaming is a roleplaying company. We’ll leave the forums and stuff to RPGnet and TheRPGSite. Imprints We’re holding two imprints at the moment; our own LateGaming brand and also Crucible Design, which also belongs to matt but shares a bit … Continue reading

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WotW: Earth – Hybrid Vigour

Last time around we talked about the legacy of alien species added to the ecosystem. I happened across a cool web site called Human Descent which has some interesting if a little cartoonish hybrids. Taking a stand here, to establish … Continue reading

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Gear Krieg love-in. Ooh yeah baby….

I really like Gear Krieg – two fisted pulp RPG. Mecha in WW2 just appeals, even more than superheroes in WW2 appeals (though psychics in WW2 appeals even more but more on that later!) So, imagine my joy when I … Continue reading

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Super Hero vs. Science Fiction

A little off-topic, this one.  I was considering role-playing genre and inspirations for games (after Matt’s previous post) and I realised that I hadn’t seen a big budget science fiction movie released in ages.  Everything had either been fantasy, kids … Continue reading

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I have no memories of this place…

Howcome Gandalf didn’t know how to operate the front door of Moria, yet knew it was a 4 day trek and then gets to a bit where he says “I have no memory of this place…” So previously to new … Continue reading

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