Tonight at TTN

Tonight at TTN we made characters for my upcoming WatchTower superhero game. True to form we generated them using the random generation rules for the Marvel FASERIP system and we’ll probably convert them to something else later.

Paul ended up with a Priest who has the uncanny ability to transmute compound materials into other substances, shape solids at will, ionise the air and also disrupt the physical structure of objects. He theorises that he could probably part the red sea, change water into wine, walk through walls and still be able to shake a stick (ie, fight).

Rob started out with some stinky powers (Communicate with Animals) but by the end had managed to get a character who could fly at over 200 mph, was extremely resilient, lift ten tons with his hands, levitate 75 tons with his mind and fire heat and force bolts. The similarity to the Superbloke was not lost.

Aidan also started out with some stinky powers and a result so crap that he started again. Second time round he still had a technology-based hero which gives some serious disadvantages but by the end could, through the use of a battlesuit, go toe to toe with the others as well as be generally resistant to harm, become almost imperceptible through stealth and ….wait for it….. teleport 25 million miles…

Some of these characters are VERY powerful and, to be honest I’m not overly worried about that. It’s okay if the players are A-listers but I will insist on a bit of troupe play so that we can get some B-list and even civilian characters involved. I want to use this game to test my Relationship Tree idea for trouple play. Let’s see how that works out. I’ll detail it in the next couple of posts.

I’ll get the player concepts written up this week and given to the players and we should be able to start next Monday. I’ve still got to get the first Newspaper written and already my week is filled up. Crumbs!

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