Local Boy living the dream…

BBC News Northern Ireland writes:

A man accused of a stealing underwear from a shop in a knifepoint raid believed he was a female elf at the time, Belfast Crown Court has heard. He told defence counsel Anthony Cinnamond that within his small social circle he had been participating in a game known as Shadowrun. The game was set in the future and the assumed characters were criminals, he said. He told the court his character was a shaman, or magical elf, who carried a small Japanese sword as a weapon.

That’s really quite embarrassing. (Thanks to Graham for the heads up and no, I don’t know this guy). Here’s more coverage of the same event

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5 Responses to Local Boy living the dream…

  1. paulk says:

    You think he’s got a regular game? We’re still on the hunt for more players…

  2. matt says:

    Would you think that playing a law-abiding superhero would be good therapy?

    The embarrassing thing would be for his game group. I mean, imagine turning up to the next game and there’s an empty seat because your Netrunner was arrested as a cross-dressing, violent lingerie thief.

    Now…his old group might be looking for a new game. 🙂

  3. paulk says:

    I’ve met a lot of Netrunners who could be considered stranger than that….

  4. James Wallis says:

    Does anyone in the N.I. gaming community know or know of this guy? I mean, if he’s playing what sounds like a Shadowrun LARP it’s unlikely that his group exists in isolation and non-communication with the greater gaming world. On the other hand I do realise it may be a Shadowrun LARP that exists only in his head, and that he only thought of after he’d been arrested.

  5. matt says:

    He worked at QUB but neither TTN or Slayers (both clubs which came out of QUB) seem to know him. I’ve been in slayers since 1990 and not heard of him.

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