The Quiet Time

We’ve not posted much in the last couple of weeks. This has been for a few reasons:

  1. Real life has got in the way of roleplaying
  2. Real life has got in the way of writing about roleplaying
  3. We’ve been talking about direction …

#3 is probably most interesting. We were working on a few ( 7 or 8 ) games at a very high level, and we have about 30 ideas that are a few lines long which could become interesting games in their own right. Up until now, we’ve had no real concerted strategy for producing a game.

Now we do. We’ve selected a game, we’ve thrashed out the content and now we’re doing the hard work of creating it. More information will be made available as we get closer to having something finished.

About AJ

Gamist: 14%, Simulationist: 29%, Narrativist: 57%. Ah, the irony.
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2 Responses to The Quiet Time

  1. matt says:

    Character generation is done.
    Technology section is growing.
    Mechanics for the GIMME is being worked on
    Political Geography is growing.
    Art is still being sought.

  2. matt says:

    Art still being sought.
    Chargen is mature and now tested
    Detail is still light but growing
    Mechanics all but done.

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