I have a pretty strong stomach…

but this revolts me:

A BOY of seven was kept chained in a cellar by his cannibal family — as they ATE parts of him.
He had been partially skinned after monstrous mum Klara, 31, caged him for months while relatives who were also in a sick cult feasted on his raw flesh, an appalled judge heard yesterday.

What. The. Fuck.

What is this I’m feeling? Hatred? Revulsion? Disbelief? It’s certainly a righteous desire to punish. It’s cemented the fact that the only monsters in this world are people.

This was all because of some cult?

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  1. Wulfgar says:


    I recently heard about the game Zombi and have been trying to track down a copy- either print or pdf. Unfortunately it seems that the places that carried it recently (key20, indie press revolution) don’t have it anymore and there aren’t any copies on ebay or amazon. I came across a link to this blog and figured I’d ask if you have any idea how to get ahold of a copy of your game (I’m in the US). Thanks for any help. From what I’ve heard Zombi sounds really cool.

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