Get Carter

I started this evening sitting down to watch The Bourne Identity on ITV2 but as it happens they run ad breaks every 18 minutes and I’m reminded why I hate linear television. The content is either shit or broken up by advertising breaks.

I attempted to remedy my ennui by putting on “The Descent” though I figured it might be better for another night and I opted to go for a film I’ve not seen in years, ‘Get Carter‘ starring Michael Caine. I only just found out they remade it in 2000 with Sylvester Stallone. Sounds like a sick joke.

Carter is a hard nut though it’s kinda tender when he first faces his brothers corpse. Everything is so run down, raining, allpaper peeling, paint layered upon paint upon paint. His niece is working at Woolworths, a bastion of sixties Britain (which just went into administration). Everyone looks pasty, malnourished and it’s amazing when you see some of the actors we take for granted in their youth. Britt Ekland, on the other hand, looks radiant.

I’m watching it now for inspiration for CONTROL. Makes me want an electric shaver and a kipper tie 🙂

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