•REC (spoilers! beware!)

Last night, due to the absence of Jim, we watched movies up at Graham’s rather than gaming. When I arrived (a little late due to teleconferences with NBC), they were just finishing off Dead Set. Michael’s opinion was that it didn’t add anything to the genre and although I think it was excellent, I am inclined to agree.

Afterwards we settled down to watch •REC. And there are spoilers ahead.


•REC is a 2007 Spanish horror film. There’s a sequel in post-production set hours after the first movie and there’s also an American remake called Quarantine.

The movie starts very much like most of the new Fast Zombie movies. There’s biting, blood, running and not very much other information – lots of confusion – lots of shouting – lots of odd camera angles due to the ‘handshakycamera’ process pioneered by 84C MoPic and The Blair Witch Project. There’s nothing special here – with the possible exception of the authorities sealing off the building – which was a nice twist.

But the end. Wow.

The Boss Monster. The remnant of a Portuguese girl who was possessed and imprisoned while a Vatican ‘scientist’ researched a cure. He failed – and sealed the girl in the building for two years. Frankly, I think this pissed her off.

It’s in this video from 1:15. It’s spooky. The whole sequence before it postulates the possibility that possession may be a form of disease and therefore it could be contagious.

It adds something to the genre for sure.

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