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For the last few months we’ve been playing in Michael’s RuneQuest game and tomorrow night is the first chapter of Graham’s new Delta Green scenario.

In terms of my own reading, I’ve been concentrating on Humanydyne. I just want a simple game to tide me over and the post-modern ‘post-human’ ghettos of San Sepulchro really inspire me.


For those who haven’t been paying attention – Humanydyne is a near future RPG set in a world where there are superhumans, where Baja California has been annexed into a superhuman nation and where some sort of superhuman-precipitated disaster broke up the moon (with horrifying but strangely not apocalyptic results).

As the game is in French, my progress has been really slow and I’ve considered both asking a friend and hiring folk to help me translate it – not just for my own uses – but for the wider possibility of publishing a translation (don’t tell him but Jared would be perfect for this). It’s meant to be published by his friends in Cubicle 7 but from what I can see, they’re insanely busy already.

So, at the moment, I’m reading it at my own speed…

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