The 23rd Letter, 3rd “Fury” Edition

Yeah, I wasn’t planning on having to talk about it so soon. Blog post isn’t even written.


it’s set nearly thirty years later. The Psychic War as was died with the final end of the Cold War. Corporations figured out it’s easier to manipulate people with social media than fragile psychics. Many of the government projects have collapsed. Only three major factions remain.

Talents are streamlined – more ‘cooperation’ between psychic powers is encouraged, lots more wild talents included (psychic vampirism? Ok) and a bigger metaplot regarding a psychic menace known as the Fury that particularly affects telepaths.

Telepaths get mind linking powers, Regents get sleeper suggestion, TKs get offensive strikes and shields, precogs get BITD-inspired Preparations, Healers can harm.

System is a little less severe though getting shot still ruins your day. Toned down the rules on Fatigue. But Stress now affects everyone.

………and I’m in the art-commissioning phase.

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