Rise of R’lyeh – Apocalyptic Mythos Horror

Playtest copies currently available
Rise of R’lyeh is designed to work with the Year Zero Engine (Step Dice) shared by games like Twilight 2000, Bladerunner, Terminal Shock, The 23rd Letter and Excession.

It can be mixed with other third party supplements like Deadzone, Twilight Tangents, Twilight 2249 or any of the others out there. Mythos elements can be introduced into standard Twilight 2000 games or even into some of the games listed above.

The system is fast, deadly but ultimately designed for apocalyptic play.

This is not a game where the plucky heroes have to fight against crazed cultists intent on bringing about the end of the world. That’s already happened and the plucky heroes likely died as they failed. The stars were eventually right, R’lyeh rose from the depths and the dark gods clambered their way back onto this plane of existence.

The mood is therefore not heroic.

The Genre might be described as dystopian, apocalyptic (not post-apocalyptic as the apocalypse is currently proceeding) horror.

Your characters are survivors. They’ve all experienced something horrible and lived to tell the tale.

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    Are playtest copies available from anywhere else than Discord?

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