Apocalyptic Endgame: The Gloom, a supplement for Twilight 2000

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“Everything looks like a monster in the fog.” – Aki Bahrampour

INTRODUCTION: As the last offensive failed, the brass decided to wheel out their last, big weapon. Drawing on decades of research in their secret bioweapons division, they finally unleashed Operation Verdigris in the war-torn fields of the front. No-one was prepared for what came out of the Gloom.



Look, you don’t have to take this mission but there’s a lot riding on it. We’ve managed to triangulate the source of the Gloom. It’s at these coordinates. And the eggheads think that a nuclear detonation, triggered at the portal, might be enough to shut it down. We just need a few good soldiers, one with a specialism in nuclear weapons and a good commander who knows the stakes. It wasn’t a long list and you and your crew were at the top of it.I understand if you don’t want to go, but make no mistake. In 3 days we will be utterly overrun by an enemy we struggle to see never mind defeat and they will just keep coming.

Yes, best case scenario none of you are coming back but then again, if you don’t make it there’s nothing to come back to

Make no mistake, we are fighting for our existence.

The Gloom is a supplement for Twilight 2000 4th Edition but could easily work for any post-apocalyptic game or any Year Zero Engine game. Players will have to fight their way out of the Gloom and then, possibly, fight their way back in again.

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