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Gamer. Writer. Dad. Serial Ex-husband. Creator of The 23rd Letter, SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO, ZOMBI, Testament, Creed. Slightly megalomaniac

T2000: W+35 (Flashback)

My situation is that I’m on the outskirts of Prague and I’m separated from my unit; perhaps they were all destroyed. I had to be careful, there was definitely a French unit around and some Americans. I stole a ragged … Continue reading

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T2000: W+50

Necessity is the mother of invention. Yesterday I caught a rabbit with a snare I made from a bit of wire. I hid in the foot of a hedgerow and pulled the corpse from the wire. The rabbit had tried … Continue reading

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An old ZOMBI review…

Because ZOMBI is back on sale, I figured looking at an old review might be timely. From Caliverbooks (Valkyrie mag) Zombi RPG Crucible Design Zombies have appeared in RPGs since D&D first appeared. Those early zombies were the sword fodder … Continue reading

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T2000: W+44

It’s all gone to shit. It did get worse. Two days after the Colonel died, I woke from a nightmare to find Monk and Doc packing up their gear. They said they were going and they didn’t want me to … Continue reading

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ZOMBI now available on DTRPG

ZOMBI is now on DTRPG. Originally distributed in hardcopy through the US and Europe, this is the first digital version. The first few pages of this journal have been destroyed by fire and by weathering. The actual location of the … Continue reading

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Nor Gloom Of Night – now available on DriveThruRPG

Nor Gloom Of Night is a post-apocalyptic setting for your favourite modern RPG. Become a horse-riding agent of the Reformation States twenty years after the fall of the United States of America. The dangers out there are many; from self-proclaimed … Continue reading

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T2000: A Christmas One-Shot

I’ve been asked to run a Christmas one-shot by my Friday night gaming group. I was thinking about one of the Dune intro adventures but as I’m just starting a Dune game on Monday nights, I thought to shake it … Continue reading

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DUNE: The Trials of House Jiorj

Classic novels of intrigue and spies are ripe for exploitation in a Dune game. Think about the plot of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

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DUNE: The Landsraad

The Great Houses or Houses Major are the most powerful and important houses with voting right in the Landsraad. Their number was not fixed; they varied in history with political and economic fortunes, and depended to some degree on the … Continue reading

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After watching the movie, the thirst for playing the Dune RPG (by Modiphius) is high. The movie is filled with outstanding visuals and the background is sufficiently rich the only barrier to a dozen sourcebooks is, I guess, the license … Continue reading

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Draculas Night Oot

Attached below is a script I wrote a few years ago. It was for a BBC comedy shorts competition they were running out of Writers Room. The competition was called “Fright Shorts” and it was meant to be comedy horror. … Continue reading

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DUNE: The VICINIS of the Spacing Guild

The question of the lack of alien life in the Dune universe has been asked many times. The coverage of the Known Universe is still small enough, in the massive scale of the universe that the Fermi paradox does not … Continue reading

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The Start of an Alien Campaign

The Alien can’t be the main thrust of the story because, well, with the exception of Ripley and Jones, no-one survives an encounter. So you need a story of intrigue which has the alien as the kick off or the … Continue reading

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Dune – The Sobaki

Hasimir Fenring has to be one of the most interesting minor characters in the book. A “might have been”, deadly, BG-trained, and seemingly with fingers in every pie. But it begs the question about other might have beens and “the … Continue reading

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Dune – preparation game notes

It must be noted that I have no direct plans to run a Dune game. But I am a little forced by my mind to examine the game and the concepts deeper than should be permitted as I am after … Continue reading

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The One Ring, session 01 – A Once-Forgotten Treasure

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks generating characters over Discord. We have one player in Seattle, two in Ireland, one in England, one in Cornwall and myself in Northern Ireland. First session last night. “A Once-Forgotten Treasure” The Company: … Continue reading

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Regency Royale

In late 2019, just before the Covid thing, I was working on a game design document for a real time tactics video game with the working title of “Regency Royale”. A quasi-historical world designed to evoke some great narrative inspired … Continue reading

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Two Books on sale at DriveThruRPG

In an attempt to calm this raging passion I have for writing, I’ve begun to embark on putting my books on DriveThruRPG – the pre-eminent site for selling RPGs online. Testament and Creed are two books of a trilogy of … Continue reading

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T2000: W+36

You ever get the feeling that things are about to get worse? As luck and dumb fate would have it, we weren’t able to escape the area as quickly as we hoped. A puncture on the UAZ and an alignment … Continue reading

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T2000: W+35

I still have my shopping list. We didn’t make it to Prague. The forests here are a little threadbare. I think they might have taken some shelling but everything just looked unhealthy. Along an old road weaving through a forest … Continue reading

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