DG update…

As I may have mentioned, I’m in KinnyGraham’s DeltaGreen game. The other night, after losing one agent to the nameless horror and receiving a chewing from our DG contact, my character came to two startling revelations.

  • There is something horrible out there. Something unworldly. Something that wants to kill us. But it’s all separate incidents. There doesn’t seem to be an all-encompassing conspiracy.
  • The government is involved and our erstwhile allies, Delta Green, by telling us that if we get caught we’re on our own, are not on our side.

His reaction, therefore, is to bug out. He’s just had a friend killed, another ally has completely wigged out, he received a chewing from DG and a large proportion of the blame and now there’s some bossy hispanic woman too.

And what’s with the blame? He had the misfortune to be involved with DG (something they engineered). He’s been doing as he is told. And the reason he got the blame for this is because the other two are either a) dead or b) mad as a stick.

Would it be so bad to bug out? To run in a calm, calculated way rather than waiting to join his friends in either the morgue or the asylum? Would Delta Green come after him or would they assume that he just needed a longer leash? Would he find himself living the life of Jason Bourne…except being chased by both Deep Ones and his previous DG allies not to mention the conventional law enforcement officials.

And what would Graham think if I convinced everyone else to bug out? Would he be pissed? Would he want to run with the “DG-Rogue” campaign that I had thrust everyone into? Would he rather confiscate the character, insist I make another and then make it the order of the day that we track down our former comrade (my old character) and terminate with extreme prejudice. I don’t know.

Either way would make an interesting story…

Only six words to say everything?

Wired writes: Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words (“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”) and is said to have called it his best work.”

They then got dozens of their favourite sci-fi, fantasy and horror writers to write six word stories (and a couple of graphic artists too). The results here are at least fun, at most stunning.

It reminds of the difference between short books and fat books, glossy hardbacks and matte softbooks, amateurs versus professionals, and little obscure cult games ranked against the big boys (I mean seriously, who can take on D&D?).

Anyway, I was inspired to play around with this. Some of them ended up being just fun, some of them thought-provoking. I don’t know how many of these would class as stories in and of themselves.

  • I didn’t say I loved you.
  • Laughed, “No time to save us both.”
  • While I fell, I tried screaming.
  • “Oh, no. They found us.” BLAM!
  • Your body will never be found.
  • He kicked the bomb. It exploded.
  • She squeezed until his skull cracked.
  • The search was long and fruitless.
  • “Four of a kind,” Cthulhu slobbered.
  • “Checkmate”. Jesus looked forlorn. I laughed.
  • Only seven words to tell a
  • I said “No.” She slapped me.
  • She said “Yes”. I undressed quickly.
  • I wasn’t within range so I….

2300AD revival

Am busting out for another game now that kinnygraham has booked Wednesday or Tuesday for a continuation of our much delayed DG campaign. To this end, paulk has nabbed his friends ivorw and jonathanl to join up. I’m intending to introduce them to the world of 2300AD. I’m not 100% sure of the system I’ll use (and finding my rule books was impossible so I bought the PDFs from drivethrurpg).

See how it goes. I need to write a “habilitation” document which will help them get used to things. Things like Stutterwarp, the political situation….and of course the weapons..

Here’s an excerpt from an email:

PaulK wrote:

I’m not into specifics.
I need a big gun that fires lots of big bullets 
very very very quickly. It will be called Mabel. 
Nobody ever messes with anyone called Mabel.

My reply:

I believe standard issue is a 4.5mm Gauss rifle, 
60 round mag, with integral 30mm grenade 
launcher. Single shots are very accurate and it also 
has lower velocity for autofire making it very 
manageable. Optic sights include a low power 
laser range finder.
It's a French model, Fusil Automatique Magnetique-2090.
There's also the Type-81 Storm Gun. A 20 mm 
binary propellant exploding round rifle designed for
light antivehicle anti-bunker fire. Only a 10 round
mag but has surprisingly good area fire cover 
using the standard 20x31mm APHE round. 
Having made your selection, please proceed to the checkout.

He doesn’t care however. Just wants the guns which fire lots.

Holy Crap it’s October

Earlier this year I lost a heap of stuff. About two years worth of unpublished writing and all my original files for my books. Absolutely gutting. Essentially, my backup was destroyed and my “personal life” contributed to the oversight so I didn’t find out until much too late.


Still. I’ve been piecing it all back together from old floppies, old zip disks, emailed copies I’ve sent to people (I have email records in some cases going back to 1996) and other bits and pieces.

I’m not going to dwell too much on it however. I want to get the first system-draft of either Viride or WoTW:Earth out before I do any other work.

I’ve also tried to get another gaming group going. I’m playing in this guys game in Belfast but we’ve had a hiatus for a couple of months and I’m busting for a game.

I’d love to play a superhero game. I’d GM. A game people would talk about the way people talk about my Ars Magica came from the early 90s, or my SLA games from the late 90s or my various superhero games. I love reminiscing with players from these old games. Even now I get a little chuckle when Eamon says ‘Imposing Beard!’ or when Conor reminds me that he was the best archer in Christendom despite having only one hand. Remembering that I made a grown man scream playing SLA in Dublin at Gaelcon. Remembering when the Watchtower players discovered time travel and then discovered paradox and what happens when you change your past…

Good memories of sitting with friends and laughing until my sides hurt.

That’s why I roleplay.


Wow. Am I passive/aggressive?

I don’t think so. Sure, I use sarcasm a lot, often in a humourous and self-deprecating way, but am I passive/aggressive?

Passive/Aggressive is defined as being reluctant compliance with passive disruption. Such as if you’re forced to cook the dinner, you burn it so that no-one will ask you again.

How did this term become one used to win an argument? If you make a point that seems to be a winning point, you then get accused of being passive/aggressive as that’s meant to shoot your arguments down?

To be honest, I think that todays forums are filled with whining pussies. That’s not passive/aggressive, it’s just aggressive! Being passive/aggressive is about avoiding direct conflict, inserting ambiguity, general kvetching. If anything, in the thread above, I’m responding to general passive/aggressive behaviour. Especially when it winds back to “Well, sure, Aberrant and Hero are okay, but you really should use M&M”. Bloody M&M cheer-fucking-leaders. I believe I’m not being passive/aggressive when I’m expressing my hostility openly. Wankers.

It’s so easy to construct a straw man argument or label someone’s contributions as passive/aggressive these days and win by default. I bloody hate it. I’m not wanting things to get back to the way they are on usenet, but JESUS…are things that bad that any time you actually have anything worth arguing about, people start to whine?

I’ve said before elsewhere that I’m brusque. Over here in Ireland I’ve been in some killer debate, fantastic arguments that REALLY made you think, really fired the blood. And yes, we’ve sworn at each other, laughed in the others face and at the end of the day, we have no problem getting up to buy the next round.

Debate is good. Conflict is good. Arguments are good.

But RPGnet seems dedicated to the idea that conflict and debate are bad. We shoud all just be generally agreeable wishy-washy types. Is that not the absolute embodiment of passive/aggressive.