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OMG, I’m feeling the love for Planetary all over again. I’m itching to run a Planetary-like game using Wild Talents. Soooo much….

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“Blood running in the streets. Mobs of rioters and demonstrators threatening banks and legislatures. Looting of shop and home. Strikes and unemployment. Trade and distribution paralyzed. Shortages of food. Bankruptcies everywhere. Court dockets overloaded. Kidnappings for heavy ransom. Sexual perversion, … Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight

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And things seem okay. Still somewhat frustrated that the theme keeps dropping and I’m not aware of any log files/errors. Annoying.

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Codename: Warhead AKA David Bruce Brandon Appearance: Warhead is an 8 ft tall humanoid suit of armour. Brandon is a slighty overweight man with unkempt brown hair and bushy eyebrows. Background: Dr David Brandon is a robotics engineer. He discovered … Best Site To Order Tramadol Online

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Alpha Flight used to be my hero team of choice but this doesn’t make any sense. How many times must a guy die? Well, they were my favourite Marvel team. My favourite DC team were The Outsiders.

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