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I’m a little intimidated by running a new game. I’d like to run (and by all accounts the guys would like me to run) Godlike. Something about giving it to the Boche really motivates them and it’s be nice to play a game where we have an easily defined baddie.

Among other things this will mean not running a game in my ‘Watchtower’ universe which Gavin and Aidan have played in the past. Watchtower is the amalgam of superhero gaming from a long time ago. In this world, the Horror has been defeated under the sea in the Eagles base three times, the Holy Grail has been quested for twice, a giant robot has been stopped from trashing downtown Miami by the Zombie Squad who also led a nameless horror from a million light years away, a million years ago to Earth, a UK government team called Zenith was massacred by an assassin about two years before the strip in 2000AD started, a team based in Colorado nearly lost half their team fighting a weather-controlling teenager and in San Francisco and New York, members of the Watchtower fought valiantly against their own hubris and some vampires as well as the formation of the first superhuman incarceration directive.

So, this goes before all of that.

We’re planning to play Godlike.

I don’t know much about World War 2 so this week I’ve been tracking down movies and books which will hopefully fill me in before the guys I game with (all arts grads with a lot more time to read books during their formative years and a lot more interest in non-fiction) lambast me for being relatively ignorant. I do feel a little intimidated because especially in recent years I have become progressively less well-read as I just don’t have the time. That must change.

I’m going to survive on a diet of WW2 films for a while to whet my appetite and then grab some Osprey books on the period and place for the setting. It will, of course, horrify me how much I don’t know in comparison to my peers.

But we have to start somewhere.

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