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Zombie Links

This isn’t a link blog, but these are very fun. Zombie World News “ is , as far as we can tell, a departure from other Zombie sites. Instead of the reader being a spectator, we hope to draw you … Continue reading

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Captain America and other patriots

From onegoodmove we have Stephen Colbert on the tragic death of Captain America One of my friends, Gav, mentioned the Civil War storyline. Cap represents the forces of liberty and Iron man is a defense contractor. I can’t help but … Continue reading

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Status: Refugee – A beginning

They repurposed I-90 into a massive people-processing line, putting you through checkpoint after checkpoint. This one for DNA scan, the next one for ID verification, the next for health assessment–the list seems endless. You stand under the afternoon sun, sweating … Continue reading

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Local Boy living the dream…

BBC News Northern Ireland writes: A man accused of a stealing underwear from a shop in a knifepoint raid believed he was a female elf at the time, Belfast Crown Court has heard. He told defence counsel Anthony Cinnamond that … Continue reading

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Watching the box last night…

and The Ordinary Boys came on the box. I was amazingly struck by the similarity between Samuel Preston and the late great Troy Tempest. The difference being that Troy Tempest could probably survive a comedy game show without crying off.

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Episode Two – 26th October 2000

At 9 am, the doors to the conference room open and a motley crew of individuals file in. At the head of the table sits Jack White, the marble-faced CEO of WatchTower New York. Clockwise around the table we see … Continue reading

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All the games I’ve played (and GM’d)

I commented to Matt the other day that the last time I actually *played* in a game was when he ran the original WatchTower game in 1998. This got me to thinking that although I’ve read a lot of games, … Continue reading

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WotW: Earth – System Proposal

Here’s a simple system that would get a WotW: Earth game up and running. Before I go into the details, here’s what was going through my head as I designed this. WotW: Earth is set in turn-of-the-century England Player characters … Continue reading

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WotW: Earth – The Martian Outpost

In another moment I had scrambled up the earthen rampart and stood upon its crest, and the interior of the redoubt was below me. A mighty space it was, with gigantic machines here and there within it, huge mounds of … Continue reading

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Do women look for more depth?

Inanna Jones writes a bit about this sexism thing here on the IrishGaming livejournal: So generalising remark: women look for more depth. I disagree with Inannajones. I think both men and women look for depth. The depth is just in … Continue reading

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Shakespeare at least had Viola.

Apparently, I’m exercising the power and privilege of my gender by criticising the idea that we should actually de-cliché a cliché in order to make everyone feel secure about themselves. (Question: if a cliché is de-fanged, doesn’t it become meaningless?) … Continue reading

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So I had to go ask some women….

The Bitter Guy calls this a really retarded response. Fair enough. It probably is retarded to point at something that’s fucking stupid and say that’s fucking stupid especially when the stupid thing is something that is “pro feminisim”. Yes. Terrifyingly … Continue reading

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More on sexism (plus registration and comments)

I’ve turned off registration for comments because it should be off. Bit of a mea culpa there. I am enjoying the discussion on sexism in RPGs which has been continued on and Mary’s blog. I wrote: “Some game companies … Continue reading

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System junkie

I looked up the definition of the word junkie. It says “Drug addict, esp. heroin”, and the term gets used to describe addicts to anything – adrenaline, sports, whatever. I think junkies (of the heroin type) are looking for the … Continue reading

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It’s about starting conversations with new people

I started a little storm in a teacup with my last post. Even got someone else linking to me. And some of the comments on that posting (e.g. “Enh, I went and read the Late Gaming post, and it’s so … Continue reading

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If Jesus had tits, would you believe in God?

On mer writes about rpgs we find an opine about how it’s such a shame that the pulp-rpg “Spirit of the Century” included archetypes such as: Gadget Guy, Gentleman Criminal, Jungle Lord, Man of Mystery and not Gadget Girl, Lady … Continue reading

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